Friday, September 9, 2011


Today, today is a great day. 

Shall I name the reasons why? 

1- I got exempted for P.E. because I'm the sports manager for the soccer team. 

2- Apparently people find this blog funny.

3- I have so many frees!

I'm about to start freaking happy dancing but I'm in my school's Jesus filled library and that would be wrong and the librarian is already upset with me and my friends. But over all, today is a very good day and I am enjoying myself because I am listening to Shakira for writing inspiration. I really recommend it. 

Also, Lavender, lovely, it was so good to hear from you again! You don't even know. But I will never ever move to the countryside. I'm a city girl at heart and it would be horrible for me to move to the countryside. Tell Violet I said hi, will you? Crazy bitch. 

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