Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What do you do when your friend has a crush on the new latin teacher?

That is most pressing question of the day. 

What the hell do you do when your friend falls in love with the new male latin teacher with a fantastic fashion sense and a cute face? It's a very stressing thing, is it not?

The situation:

So my friend, let's call her Flora for now, walks into announcements with this goofy, ridiculous smile that no one should have after a Latin class and flops down next to me. Naturally, I ask her what's up because seriously crazy school girls or not we do not have time to get high and she replies with "I'm in loooove~"


I mean, I'm all about romance and the like and going against what society wants for us but seriously? The latin teacher? She could have done better than that. 

Then, the teacher walks in and all is understood. 

But still. 

The latin teacher?

~*~ artificialmoonlight ~*~


  1. Luna?

    OhmygodbbyImissyousomuuuuch /cling

    You don't even know. ;; The countryside is so BEAUTIFUL. But I miss you guys so much asldjfalsjdf. You should all move here, every single one of you. /sob


  2. Lavender!

    OhmygodcarinaImissyoujustasmuchifnotmore /cling

    You know how I feel about the countryside, babe. If there aren't big cities and bright lights I have some problems. And you know we miss you too, don't even pull that. /nuzzlenuzzle