Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I haven't really noticed that before...

What? The Jesus? ...No, the astronomy globe. 

These are the things that happen when you go to an all girl catholic school and you realize that Jesus is absolutely everywhere. It's absolutely ridiculous and a little amusing.

The first thing you see when you walk into the building?


You turn the corner to the staircase, what do you see?

Jesus and Mary. 

You keep walking up the stairs -

Another Mary statue, a portrait of Mary, a statue of Mary and... Jesus.

In every class room, above every fire place -


It's like they don't trust us if we're not under the watchful eye of GOD, or something ridiculous like that. We're not completely insane. Granted, one of my friends (a blond) declared that since she was an atheist her gods were unicorns and there was nothing anyone could do about it just to spite the complete and utter JesusJesusJesus-ness of our school.

So maybe catholic school girls are crazy, that doesn't mean we need to be watched by statues of Mary and Jesus everywhere we go. It makes a girl paranoid and rebellious (Why yes, I am both) and honestly, when you don't trust a bunch of teenage girls in short uniform skirts and surround them with Jesus statues you're just asking for catholic school girls gone wild.

Its freaking ridiculous.

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